Art On The Floor

I spent several years in a spacious apartment in the suburbs of Portland city in Oregon, with wall-to-wall carpeting and didn’t know the beauty that an area rug can bring to a room. I am compellingly drawn to all things beautiful. The beauty of area rugs is their distinctive capacity to add surprising texture in minor doses. For a room that needs a bit of a zing factor, adding a rug might be the perfect idea?


Driven by the thrill of adding excitement to my living room, I set out to purchase a beautiful area rug. Let me explain, it was nowhere near that simple. For me, searching for an area rug was a month-long expedition that made me learn everything I wanted to know about piles, stability, dimension, shape, designs, textures, price, color, practicality, manufacturing procedures and finally, “beauty”. I eventually brought home a wool rug with chrysanthemums spread out aesthetically on the rug. The design seemed like a historic Chinese floral pattern and was a perfect combination of quality, practicality, and contemporary style.

I visualize area rugs as a pure form of artwork. They bring numerous styles, colors, textures character to a room space. So while I was hunting for a new area rug, I only considered those that captured my heart. Don’t ever buy a rug just because it fits your décor or has the right colors for your room or is the right size. Rugs are luxurious, so probabilities are, you’ll be living with your choice for several years. Select a rug that enthralls you and complements the room.

Some of my other favorites are:

  • Natural fiber rugs. They look exquisite with any décor, from traditional to contemporary styles. Their elusive texture and passive shades, gel with any color scheme.
  • My new found love is patchwork rugs made from rug fragments. They’re a contemporary take on antique carpets and are available in multiple blends. They gorgeously beautify the floors of modern homes, adding interest and a story.

Adorning a beautiful room space goes beyond just placing your furniture properly. After the room is arranged it is important to add the ornamental trace that transforms a room space by making it personal. Adding an area rug can make all the difference to a room, for it is an impeccable furnishing to stalemate a room together. It can anchor it; outline it, while also adding warmth to a room’s design.

Bring Home a Rug!