Jaipur Rugs Celebrates Culture of Love


The festive season in India is over but memories of celebrations still linger here at Jaipur Rugs. You see, we take our work seriously, but we also like to have fun. So, we held two back to back parties recently at our headquarters.

First was our Rang Malhar 2014 gathering during Navratri, which celebrated the happiness of togetherness, good health and continuous prosperity for all. This event included Dariyadil Dukan, in which employees contributed items to share with co-workers.

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The generosity and benevolence that all Jaipur Rugs employees showed during the Dariyadil Dukan event was truly inspirational. After this, employees showed off their dancing skills at a dandiya event.

The second event was our Founders Day celebration, which celebrated the spirit of togetherness. The name of the event this year was Sutra 2014, which symbolizes the common thread of love, care and compassion among all of Jaipur Rugs’ extended family members.

Our talented workers collaborated before and after work hours, and members of each department worked hard to entertain their co-workers with music, dance and song, which embodied the Jaipur Rugs’ message of love and unity.

While events such as these are fun, they serve a greater purpose. This balance of work and enjoyment is a crucial motivating factor for employees. When management arranges such events, it shows that they are taking a personal interest in their employees. This sends a positive message that employees are appreciated and valued. The resulting morale boost motivates employees to work even harder and produce quality work.

Informal social gatherings at work also increase personal connections among employees, who are given a chance to interact in a relaxed atmosphere. This often spills over into the work arena, where employees become more comfortable working with one another as a result of socializing. This perhaps can lead to more creativity, collaborations and brighter ideas.

Group events can serve to recharge employees and give them new inspiration. In addition, happy employees don’t leave, therefore, turnover rates decline. All in all, it is important to work hard, but we should never lose sight of the fact that we are humans. As such, informal interaction is a must.

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