Handicraft: Collecting Premium Materials

Handicraft is the product of the artisan’s hand. It is the result of its skills and technique but also of its passion, emotion and the heart he puts at work. Master artisans produce great craftsmanship, inherited from generations to generations. However, no matter how brilliant the creator is, the quality of his craft will greatly depend on the raw material he transforms into beautiful pieces of art. Indeed, using premium materials will not only make the product look and feel good as well as last way longer than a cheap-made product, but it will certainly ease the work for the artisan, allowing him to express his art and creativity to its fullest. Aesthetics, scarcity but also amazing properties are factors that make the value of great materials.

Lassen Park

Lassen Park

A rug is not different from any other handicraft product: its excellence will depend on the weaver’s skills and on the grade of the materials it is made of. Jaipur Rugs

At JAIPUR Rugs, various types of raw materials for our rugs are used, giving exceptional perspectives for creation, imagination and texture. The differences between collections are not only in terms of design and construction but are differences of used materials as well. In fact, for our most gorgeous hand knotted rugs, we love to use a unique combination of wool and silk. Using a detailed technique, some of them even present a high-and-low pile effect, mixing the strength of wool with the softness of silk at its best!

Collecting Fibers
The main material used for our rugs is wool. It gives strength and softness to them, with a unique confortable texture. Therefore, the story of a Jaipur Rugs often begins in the rural remote areas in India where villagers, once a year, in early summer, shear their sheep. The beautiful natural environment and the care they receive give a high-quality type of wool that is then sold in Bikaner where producers from villages and buyers gather, providing income for many families in rural India. We also import wool from more than 40 countries around the world, especially from New Zealand’s huge farms, known to produce the best quality wool worldwide.

In order to satisfy the growing demand, we always have to multiply and diversify our suppliers’ scope. This way, on one hand, we can import the quantities we need and on the other hand, we avoid dependence on a few numbers of suppliers in terms of quality and delivery regularity.



Moreover, Jaipur Rugs uses premium silk, this luxurious legendary fabric with exceptional properties in terms of strength, comfort or absorbency. We import it from China and buy it on the Indian domestic market which now offers one of the finest silk in the world. Bamboo silk is also imported. This amazing material resembles the former by its softness and elasticity with an extra beautiful sheen.

With the best fibers the world has to offer, JAIPUR Rugs provides artisans with raw materials that match their talent.