IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Lucknow Visited Jaipur Rugs

IILM College Visited Jaipur Rugs
A team of students studying management as their major subject planned a visit to our office to have a real time experience how management skills and human capability are conjoined to benefit personal growth and heighten organizational success. It was a great real time experience for these students who had little idea about the company before paying us a visit, left with substantial learning about the company in terms of different departments and management processes.
IILM Visit in Jaipur Rugs We take such opportunity as a potential discussion platform for the company as well whereby we interact with people of different interest areas and perceptions and we make an effort to create a unanimous impression about our organization in their minds. With the time that they invest here, we want each one to believe that the company is not just about manufacturing carpets and making profits but the larger motive lies in keeping alive the art and celebrating people emotions through each rug.

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