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Jaimini Luharia
Role- Intern
College- University of Rajasthan
From- Gujarat, India

How did you first hear about Jaipur Rugs, and why did you decide to apply?

I first heard about this company through a seminar where NKC sir was addressing our college students. And the reason behind joining this organization, particularly JRF, is that I always wanted to see how business brings prosperity to the development sectors. This is a very cohesive business model, and all other marketing words you can use to describe it, but yes the way it operates, is really interesting.

Jaimini Jaipur Rugs Internship

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Typical day in the office must be with music playing in the background (please excuse my immaturity) and one must not always keep on staring at the computer screens. I edit videos for the company, this makes me enhance my creative skills and get to learn more about the foundation. I enjoy lunch hours with few lighter moments together and yes this is about my day in the office.

Favorite music genre to work/travel/relax to?

Indian fusion music is my all-time favorite genre to relax.  This is one genre to which I connect really well, like while traveling to my hometown, I enjoy music by Euphoria, Indian Ocean, Agnee and many others. So, there’s always a song for whichever mood I am in.

If you could choose a superpower, which would you choose?

Oh. I loved the superpower thing u asked. Please excuse me if this answer exceeds the word limit. Okay, I clearly see myself standing in the queue of restless people. I feel I want umpteen amount of energy in me all the time, there shouldn’t be any concept of getting exhausted after working long hours. With my never ending love for Biology, I would want all my “Mitochondria” (animal cell part also known as “power house of the cell”) to function 24*7. I know this is a bit weird, but I somehow try to link many things with science.

What inspires you?

The only element that inspires me is the passion people carry with them in their respective fields. The zeal with which people do their work automatically pumps up my energy levels.

9 thoughts on “Jaimini From Gujarat India

  1. organizational training is one of the important phase for novices in order to get the better understanding of real working environment.

  2. I do also love to listen music during the working hours to keep me stress free. This consume your office time, but makes you energetic.

  3. If you are really committed for something, you will do everything for make it happen. Same goes for your internships, opt what matter to you most.

  4. Looking at your internship experience, looks like the company is doing really well in that aspects and certainly students from across the world would love to be part of company.

  5. Going by the read, Jaipur Rugs seems to be an amazing place with a considerable blend of work and entertainment!

  6. Wow! Music in the backdrop with work in full force. A perfect environment to work and a perfect place to place our bets for in terms of gaining knowledge with fun!

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