Jaipur Rugs at Domotex Hannover Germany : 17-20 January 2015

Jaipur Rugs Company
From 17 to 20 january, the international carpeting and flooring trade, Domotex will be held in Hannover, Germany. It the No.1 event of the year because of its exhibition programs, innovative methodologies and outstanding designs it displays in the four day duration.
This year its four major talks revolves around the topics “Functionality vs atmosphere” “Living for less”, “architect as Interface” and “Accomplishing change without sacrificing culture”. DOMOTEX features the trends of tomorrow and going by the same functionality.

Project Error Rug Collection

Jaipur Rugs will be launching its three exclusive collections, under the designer “KAVI”, namely “Project Error”, “Lacuna” and “Untitled” on 17th January, 2015 in Domotex, Hannover- Hall 17 stand D-36 While Project error studies the concept of misprints and explores what happens when the ordered precision of machines is sidelined by happy accidents, and brings about an original, unintentional expression as seen through the eyes of nature, LACUNA Reverts to traditional roots while staying true to modern sensibilities, Lacuna offers memories of bygone days; half-forgotten now and brings forward intricate processes of skilled craftsmanship, which are passed on from generation to generation. The carpets, made of wool and silk, are meticulously produced by skilled artisans.

Jaipur_Rugs-_Domotex_2015_Rug Collection

UNTITLED, on the other hand, is reminiscent of kavi’s days as an artist and her deep appreciation for people who follow their true calling. This collection aims to arrest motion, which is life and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again, since it is life.
All the three exclusive collections reverberates the spirit of life and acknowledging the affirmations of the soul.

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  1. It was nice experience on industrial visit to your company . I was pleased by your working method . I learned important trait of entrepreneur from you .
    Thank you for wonderful visit of your company .


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