Jaipur Rugs – The Magic of a Hand-Woven Rug

The rug manufacturing at JAIPUR is a process that involves many people with skills in a variety of functions that ensure a wonderful handcrafted individual piece with a life of its own.From the designer to the artisans in the villages, there are more than 40 K people involved & around 80 different processes in the making of one JAIPUR hand-made rug, from the raw material to the final product. The weaving time of one hand-made rug (created by one to four weavers) can vary from 30 days to 300 days, with the hand-knotting technique, but the total production time — from the design idea to the final rug — can be up to 400 days (more than 1 year).

10 thoughts on “Jaipur Rugs – The Magic of a Hand-Woven Rug

  1. Hand Woven rugs are still an elite category for carpet construction. Having more than 80 process for rug construction clearly defines the quality of the product.
    Now i find the the reason that why hand woven rug and carpet are little bit costly comparison to other construction technique.

  2. Hand woven rugs are truly not less than magic products. This construction style is very popular and beautiful too due to high quality.
    With the time there are lot of changes in the construction style for rugs and carpets, but hand-woven; there is no substitute.

  3. Hand woven rugs are undoubtedly good in quality, but the thing is that they are this long-lasting that we are unable to get another rugs for years.

  4. hand knotted construction and from India; this is one of the beautiful combination for any rug or carpet lover. Hand-knotted is one of the finest technique for developing the quality rugs and carpets, but it takes more than expected time to develop any rug.

    • Dear Anna, You are quite right here about the quality and construction. Indian carpets in hand knotted construction are being accepted globally.

  5. Hand knotted rugs are the finest quality of the rugs but there are many other factors work parallel for developing long-lasting product.

  6. One year is too much for designing a carpet. Don’t you think that in this duration there are so many changes in the designing and color trends?

    • Dear Tammy, One year is the maximum time to develop the elite piece of hand-knotted rug from initial to finish. Normally, rugs may be designed quickly using machines, but hand-knotted development takes time.

  7. The amount of time and the hardwork that goes into the weaving of hand knotting rugs clearly explains the durability and the excellent quality these products have. Worth the money!

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