Meenu From Rajasthan India

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Meenu Jain
Role- Intern
College- Maharani college, Rajasthan
From- Rajasthan, India

How did you first hear about Jaipur Rugs, and why did you decide to apply?

I had an account with Caressma job portal which used to keep me updated about the latest job vacancies. So this is how the name “Jaipur Rugs” appeared in front of my eyes. I decided to apply after since I visited the company’s webpage, it’s pretty impressive. Then I came here for a personal visit and the staff was also awe-inspiring.

Meenu Jaipur Rugs Intern

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

It’s good, actually way better than being at home with my mother who is after me so that I may learn cooking. Well the day here begins with wishing good morning to everyone, then filling up the water bottle from the water cooler after these two rituals I sit in front of my laptop and then the thought process starts taking its shape.

Favorite music genre to work/travel/relax to?

NO MUSIC AT WORK. I listen to music only when I am completely free and relaxed, because it’s really difficult for me to control my tapping feet. So in public, it can be an offense.

If you could choose a superpower, which would you choose?

8 upon 6 eyesight. So that it becomes easier to cope up in office. By the same time,  using social media, books and television after office.

What inspires you?

The quest for happiness inspires me the most. Because I believe that success is not about achievement rather it’s about achievement plus immense satisfaction and happiness from inside.

6 thoughts on “Meenu From Rajasthan India

  1. It’s good to see that your company welcomes interns from all over the globe. Because of your attempt freshers get to learn alot, this helps them to build up self- confidence.I appreciate your initiative of providing exposure to the young talent. I would love to be part of such a dynamic organization.

  2. Meenu, In my opinion it is good to listen music sometime to relax your body. It is not offense if you do it in rhythm. It’s nice to read your thought as I’m also looking for an internship in India in IT Industry.

  3. You share interesting things here.Sounds like you are really enjoying and gaining the knowledge from such a dynamic company. Internship is one of the most part of your industrial life as it teach you how to work in a industrial environment.

  4. No music at work!! I heard many companies arrange music season to their employees to reduce the stress level. Well, this is your learning phase, so this would be better for you to learning something worth of time. BTW nice to read about your internship…

  5. Nice to hear your share! Recently i was also working with company that actually a trading company. I loved your experience sharing. thanks

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