NIFT Kolkata Visited Jaipur Rugs

NIFT Kolkata Visit Jaipur Rugs
There were a group of 25 students From NIFT Kolkata who made us a visit on February 24, 2015. They have been visiting for two years in a row now and have been one institute from where we have had some really talented interns as well. The students were a part of the textile designing course and came with a lot of queries on how do we select our designs, the stories behind each of the collections and the overall functioning of the design and development department.
NIFT Kolkata in Jaipur Rugs Company
We had a very engaging session with them as the design team at Jaipur rugs is a very integral part of all our functions and how they drive inspiration from random, chaotic and uncluttered scenes in and around life. With their detailed discussion with members from the design team and our design Director, they saw how a design is bought to form from creating the artwork to deciding the best colors for it from a bank of 3000 shades to making the artisan involve around 6 to 8 months of their life to weave a single carpet.
We at Jaipur Rugs are always delighted to host these young inquisitive team of students from different parts of the country who are really interested in knowing about the product, the company and at the same time help us also learn a lot more things and a lot many times further contribute to the organization by volunteering or working with us.

9 thoughts on “NIFT Kolkata Visited Jaipur Rugs

  1. It was an awesome experience at Jaipur Rugs and also a moment of pride to learn about the works done by our seniors. We enjoyed the warm welcome and hospitality.

  2. The visit proved us with ample experience and knowledge. At Jaipur Rugs its not only about making carpets but rather about making a piece of art. Thank you all for providing us with the rich environment.

  3. The experience was very enjoyable and provided us with an in-depth knowledge about the working of the carpet industry. Thank you so much for having us and also for your friendly behavior.

  4. Had an amazing experience in Jaipur rugs. Saw some of the best pieces of carpet! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful experience!

  5. It was a wonderful experience. We all loved the way everyone at Jaipur Rugs welcomed us with such warmth. Such a friendly working environment is very difficult to find. Thank You so much for having us and for explaining us everything with so much patience inspite of the busy working schedule.

  6. Thank you so much for posting our visit at your reputed organization. We all enjoyed and learned a lot of new things about the carpet industry and are keen to know much more by getting the privilege to work with Jaipur Rugs.
    Riddhita Mitra

  7. The experience was incredible and provided us an abundant perception about the production of carpets. We loved the warm and pleasant welcome. Thank you for explaining us the methodology, and providing us an erudite environment.

  8. We received a very heart warming welcome in at your organization . We are grateful for your time and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. It was also very interesting to hear about your experience. Your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable experience.
    Thank you !

  9. The experience was memorable and awesome. Thank you for the warm welcome and explaining every thing with so much patience about the carpet industry.

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