Orange City College of Social Work, Nagpur Visited Jaipur Rugs

Orange City College of Social Work, Nagpur Visited Jaipur Rugs
The students from Orange City who are pursuing a graduation degree in Social work visited us in the third week of February. The students were very familiar about the way Jaipur Rugs functions and had their first industrial visit here. The group benefited from the discussion as their curriculum very closely matches the way we at Jaipur are trying to involve with a lot of people and putting in efforts to transform their lives.
These students had deep interest in working directly at the grassroots and putting in energy where it can actually matter a lot and create a difference. The number of people who have become a part of the Jaipur family since it started and the amount of difference we have been able to make in their stability was a learning that this group took back. Today, we are involved with a considerable number of 40,000 artisans in 6 states of India and we have dedicated ourselves to grow our business by growing the employment opportunities in these otherwise tensed societies of the country.
Orange City College of Social Work, Nagpur Jaipur Rugs VisitThe overall experience of this team was very enriching for them as it was the first time they saw their field work being actually pursued by a company and whose work model is majorly dependent on social and community development. We also benefited from meeting them as we need to meet more and more people who understand the sensitivity and the amount of effort that goes into motivating the masses even if it is for their own livelihood.

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